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CA Quarterly Review Fall Edition
November 12, 2019

CA review
  Fall 2019   
   Inside This Issue:
From the Desk of Don Shea,
NTHDC Director and Contract Administrator
From the Desk of Don Shea1
SSA Announces 2020 Cost-of-Living Adjustment
Reminder on Utility Allowance Data
Affirmative Fair Housing Marketing Plan
Cyber Awareness Challenge
Excluding the Use of Arrest Records in Housing Decisions
Income Exclusion - Temporary Employment from the U.S. Census Bureau
Family Self Sufficiency Program in MFH
Lease Addendums
Member Spotlight
Call Center Poster

Be sure to update NTHDC’s address on form HUD-9887. The change of address must be listed on all 9887s going forward or a finding may be issued.

New address:
1509 West Swann Ave.
Suite 250
Tampa, FL 33606.
Photo: Don SheaWe are excited to present to you our CA Quarterly Review for Fall 2019. As we start anticipating the upcoming holidays, and maybe cooler weather, we look forward to what lies ahead.

HUD elected to exercise the 11th amendment to the Performance- Based Annual Contributions Contract which extends all PBCAs through January 1, 2021. Additionally, there are options to extend further with 2 additional six month terms which would extend the ACC through January 31, 2022. HUD continues to communicate they will rebid all PBCA contracts which could take place at any time within the upcoming extensions.

We thank you for your support and look forward to working together to complete another wonderful year.

Don Shea
NTHDC Director and Contract Administrator

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