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CA Quarterly Review, Spring 2011
April 01, 2011

CA review
In This Issue: The CA Quarterly Review | Spring 2011 - March 21, 2011
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Annual EIV Security Training 5
TRACS Reminder 5
Superior MORs 6
FY 2011 Annual Adjustment Factors 7

A Message From the NTHDC Team


"Patience is a virtue. The ability to wait for something without excessive frustration is a valuable character trait.”

-William Langland

As we head into third quarter of Fiscal Year 2011, Funding HAP contracts have become a priority for HUD. Congress recently passed its sixth continuing resolution for Fiscal Year 2011. All of us in the Affordable Housing Industry continue to be optimistic that all HAP contracts will be fully funded in the near future. As it stands, however, the federal government is funded until April 8, 2011, leaving us encouraged that Congress will pass a federal budget and future HAP payments will not be hindered.

HUD has also made assurances that HAP payments will not be encumbered due to Owners and Agents not submitting their DUNS Certifications to HUD in a timely manner. The Department understands that there have been a number of reported issues and delays with obtaining DUNS Numbers and assure us that payments will continue.

Additionally, on February 28, 2011, HUD issued an Invitation for Submission of Applications for Project-Based Section 8 Housing Assistance Payments (HAP) Contracts. NTHDC is working diligently to prepare for the upcoming re-compete, and we look forward to continuing to build our working relationships with all of you.

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