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CA Quarterly Review, Fall 2017
October 11, 2017


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From the Desk of Don Shea, Director and Contract Administrator

I want to applaud the great Owners and Agents here in Florida and US Virgin Islands on their efforts to serve and protect the residents within their properties during the recent hurricanes and the following impact. In Florida, the magnitude of Hurricane Irma left very few without some level of storm impact. In the US Virgin Islands, the succession of Irma and Hurricane Maria was a devastating blow to the islands. Our thoughts are will all as the recovery continues. Certainly events we will never forget. While very unfortunate, hopefully all will take this opportunity to reassess their preparedness and recover plans so that we can all ensure we are doing all we can to protect residents and assets.

I want to stress the importance of having the NTHDC Contact Center Information posted in a visible, public area at each property. This is something that has been communicated by HUD so we want to ensure all are aware of the importance being placed on this. During the Management and Occupancy Review (MOR) the NTHDC representative conducting the review will be confirming the information is posted. If you have not done so already, please ensure this information is posted. We have included the NTHDC Contact Center information on the final page of this Fall Newsletter.

NTHDC is currently conducting a limited number of MORs in Florida due to the impact of Hurricane Irma. HUD requested submission of an MOR work plan for October, November and December 2017. HUD has approved MORs for October and November only to date. Hurricane Irma significantly altered the approved MOR schedule for October and November. Also, several MORs in September prior to and after Irma were postponed and have yet to be rescheduled. We understand many properties were impacted and need to recover as well as focus on ensuring all residents are able to be housed. As HUD deems appropriate, we will commence scheduling MORs at prior levels and will be reaching out to Owner/Agents individually to reschedule postponed MORs and/or schedule new reviews. In the US Virgin Islands, the MOR work plan does not begin until April so there remains several months before scheduling will commence.

Your ongoing commitment, even in the face of recent challenges, ensures those in need of affordable housing are being served. We thank you for that and look forward to assisting you in any way we can.

Thank you.

Don Shea

NTHDC Director and Contract Administrator, Florida & U.S. Virgin Islands

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