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CA Quarterly Review, Spring 2018
April 03, 2018


CA review
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The CA Quarterly Review | Spring 2018
Fast Act Interim Final Rule Effective March 12, 2018 2
Release of Updated Residents Rights and Responsibilities Brochure
Live-in Aides 8
Spotlight on the Section 8 Renewal Policy Guide
Special Claims Timeframes
What’s New on HUD Clips
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It is a pleasure to welcome you to the Spring 2018 edition of our CA Quarterly Review. Our friends to the North are still dealing with winter conditions but here in Florida we are already enjoying beautiful Spring weather. In late January we moved our Tampa office to a new location a few miles from our previous address. We are now at 1509 West Swann Ave, Suite 250, Tampa, FL 33606. If you are familiar with Tampa and the Hyde Park Village area you know it is a great location so we are happy to be there.

On March 13 HUD cancelled the solicitations for the PBCA rebid. Based on the extensive comments received to the draft solicitations, HUD decided to take additional time to ensure all comments and recommendations were considered in developing the final approach that will be taken to replace the current PBCA services. A new solicitation will be released and HUD provided a timetable of several months before that could be developed. PBCAs are currently under contracts that were extended through December 31, 2018. We are looking forward to future solicitations and the opportunity to continue serving as PBCA in Florida and the US Virgin Islands.

As always, we recognize and appreciate your contributions to the provision of affordable housing to those in need. We value the partnership between NTHDC, HUD AND Owner/Agents and look forward to continue to assist and serve all involved.

REMINDER! Be sure to update NTHDC’s address on form HUD-9887. The change of address must be listed on all 9887s going forward or a finding may be issued. New address: 1509 West Swann Ave., Suite 250, Tampa, FL 33606.

Your property may be coming due for a Baseline Utility Allowance submission based on the triennial cycle. You are reminded to reference the Winter 2017 Edition of the NTHDC Quarterly Newsletter for an in-depth article on how to prepare and submit a Baseline. You may also reference HUD Notice 15-04 and the Updated HUD UA FAQs for additional guidance regarding Baseline submission requirements.

Thank you.

Don Shea

NTHDC Director and Contract Administrator, Florida & U.S. Virgin Islands

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