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CA Quarterly Review, Winter
January 24, 2019


CA review
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The CA Quarterly Review | Winter
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REMINDER! Be sure to update NTHDC’s address on form HUD-9887. The change of address must be listed on all 9887s going forward or a finding may be issued.

New address:
1509 West Swann Ave.
Suite 250
Tampa, FL 33606.
The possibilities of a new year are always exciting, and as we can see now, challenging as well. As the partial government shutdown continues, all PBCA functions continue but there is limited guidance from HUD. The majority of HUD Multifamily staff have been furloughed with the exception of a few deemed “essential” for certain tasks.

NTHDC appreciates your patience while we navigate this unchartered territory together. If your property is experiencing any difficulties due to the partial government shutdown, please reach out to NTHDC and we will do all we can to assist. Please keep in mind there are tasks, especially funding related, that are solely HUD controlled. If your property is not receiving payment due to lack of funding or an expired contract and there is a Reserve for Replacement Account, HUD will facilitate processing of reserve requests. Requests will require HUD approval.

Properties in NTHDC’s portfolio should send completed HUD-9250, directly to if serviced from HUD Jacksonville office. If serviced from the Atlanta office requests would be sent to When submitting, please ensure form includes the current balance in the account, a withdrawal amount, and the remaining balance. It should also include a statement confirming that the released funds will be reimbursed to the reserve for replacement account once HUD appropriations funding is restored.

As PBCA, we at NTHDC look forward to our continued working relationship with property owners and agents throughout Florida and the US Virgin Islands. Working together towards the same goal of maintaining well-managed and affordable housing, we will be able to continue to ensure this remains available to families in need . Please let us know how we can be of assistance.

Don Shea
NTHDC Director and Contract Administrator
A-OCAF Rent Adjustments: If you are submitting, have submitted or will be submitting a Utility Analysis Baseline or UAF Form you must check box 2 on the A-OCAF Letter - I elect the automatic OCAF rent increase, and am submitting a Utility Analysis. Box 1 applies only to projects that do not have a Utility Allowance. Please make all effort to submit the utility analysis promptly. HUD encourages all to submit their analysis prior to 150 days, but not before 180 days, from contract anniversary. If you have a UA and check the first box, NTHDC will contact you regarding your submission.

On the 2nd page of the Auto OCAF letter, when completing the Project Name, Owner Name, and Owner Signature please complete as follows:
  • Project Name – should be the name listed in IREMs or on your HAP contract
  • Owner Name – should be the name of the ownership person or entity listed in IREMS or on your HAP Contract
  • Owner Signature – Should be the name of the owner, or representative/agent of the owner authorized to sign for the owner.

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