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CA Quarterly Review, Summer 2013
June 17, 2013

CA review
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What's New in HUDClips 2
Hurricane Season is Here 3 - 5
EIV Document Retention 6
Proposed Rule: Pet Deposits for Elderly and Disabled 7
ADA Definition of Service Animal 8 - 12
Repayment Agreements 12 - 14

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Cedric Hernandez

From the Desk of Cedric Hernandez, State Program Manager

Florida is a great place to be in the Summer. Whether it is a vacation, trip to the nearest beach or visit to an amusement park, we have many great choices. Unfortunately, June is also the beginning of Hurricane Season.

This is a great time to educate your tenants regarding storm preparation and safety measures.

Once again we will be hoping for a light season while also planning for the worst. Please be prepared.

The HUD Handbook 4350.1, Chapter 38: Multifamily Emergency/Disaster Guidance provides HUD's policies and procedures regarding disaster recovery. You may also visit FEMA at

In other news, HUD released a PBCA Rebid update recently. In it, HUD stated they intend to announce selection of PBCAs on August 1, 2013 unless prohibited by the United States Court of Appeals Federal Court of Appeals. Several Plaintiffs have filed requests for a stay and are currently in the appeal process. Depending on the outcome, the announcement date released by HUD may be impacted.

Once again I would like to take the time to thank all of your contributions and continued commitment to furthering Affordable Housing. I speak for all of us here at NTHDC when I say it is a pleasure working with all of you as the PBCA for the state of Florida and the U.S Virgin Islands.

Cedric Hernandez
NTHDC State Manager, Florida & U.S. Virgin Islands

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