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Where can I go to take an online security awareness test for EIV?I received my utility analysis after the automatic OCAF was completed by the CS. Am I correct that I now submit the completed 9627, utility analysis, and contract renewal request?People who receive pensions from other countries receive the exchange value. How do you calculate that exchange value by 3rd party? There are several sites on the internet or should we go with the bank the pension goes into? We have never had good luck with sending for 3rd party and receiving it back. Re my previous question, the rent increase was approved effective 8/1/2011 but the new rent schedule was not received until 8/11/2011. How do we handle this insofar as the 30 day notice is concerned.When applying for a gross rent increase in April 2011, we correctly advised tentant of this application for a PROPOSED increase. The increase was approved and made effective July 1, 2011. Do we now have to give the tenants 30 days notice of the ACTUAL rent increase?Regarding Live in aides, I know when resident moves out, the LIA goes as well, but I recall hearing that if the resident goes for extended amount of time(less than the 30 days)the LIA must go as well. I'm not seeing that written anywhere in the 4350 book. Can someone point me in the right direction please? Thank YouWe operate a project containing 12 single occupancy units for disabled persons. One of our tenants has asked if she were to get married would she be allowed to have her husband move in with her in the single occupancy unit. Assuming he is also disabled would we have to permit this.I need to know if the tenant is entitled to a copy of the EIV report we acquired on himOne of our disabled residents received SS benefits under his own SS number but also gets a larger amount under another SS number. Is there any way we can verify the benefit received under both numbers through EIVReferring to HUD's memo dated April 20, Subject: Implementation of EIV, our units are all single occupancy and we accept only applicants with mental retardation. Since a 50059 without SSN would not be acceptable, we already comply with HUD's requirements when certifying new applicants. The flyers we are now being asked to send to all of our tenants serve no purpose and would only cause confusion. Can we obtain a waiver of this requirement, and, if not, how can we prove that we have distributed the flyers?We received a SSA advice of reduction of monthly payment. It was dated March 6 and shows the starting date of the reduction as April . Since the action occured prior to April, does the April 1 effective date comply with HUD rule that effective date must be first of month following the action causing the IRWhat exactly are the monthly reports needed to do for EIV.Can you charge a resident in an accessible unit damage to an appliance caused by a wheel chairCan you deduct from a resident's security deposit, damages to their unit (accessible unit) caused by the resident's electric wheelchair, when they move out?Can an OA deduct, from the security deposit when tenant moves out, damages to the apartment caused by the resident's electric wheelchair, (resident is disabled in mobility accessible unit)?Tenants are entitled to access to the information contained in an EIV report. Does this mean we should give them a copy of the report if they request itWhen posting the NTHDC csll center phone number, is there specific wording that needs to go with it?